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Harjai Global Gurukul provides counseling not only on the courses and universities but also guides a student through a computer based aptitude test as well as, a one to one counseling with an expert counselor. Harjai Global Gurukul assists you to select the country, program and university which work’s best for you. Our experienced counselors tailor our process to align with your specific needs and objectives and give you the solution that’s perfect for you and you alone.

Bank Loan Assistance

We assist the student with all the information required for securing bank loan and guide them to the respective banks according to their needs. The interest rates of various banks keep changing and each bank has different set of rules for sanctioning of the loans. Therefore the student can take the decision according to what is best suited for him/her.

Representatives from the banks visit our office when we hold spot admission for the convenience of the student. The checklist for the sanctioning of the bank loan is provided to the student. Each student has the personal meeting with the bank representatives for clearing their doubts. The student thus does not need to run from pillar to post for the bank loan. It is brought to his/her doorstep.


Once the selection of country, university and program is made our expert counselors take the student through the entire admission process.

We assist the students to prepare all the required documentation they need and finally get what they have been waiting for - an admission to the chosen university.


Under UK Laws it is mandatory for a student to have an accommodation before applying for visa. Harjai Global Gurukul helps and guides the students for the same with the excellent network of students and universities in U.K.

Practically speaking it is always advisable for the student to take temporary accommodation and finalize permanent accommodation only on arrival at the university so that the student can check out the various options available personally and thus make the right decision.

IELTS Coaching

We work closely with the British Council for providing all the information and material for IELTS examination We at Harjai Global Gurukul provide IELTS coaching by experts in the field at our training centre. The student can take the coaching in a group or one to one depending upon his/her needs. In case of personalized coaching the modules are formulated according to the need of the student and the timing of the class can also be fixed upon the convenience of the student.

We are one stop solution for English language coaching. Harjai Global Gurukul has provision for a basic test to be taken by the student which indicates the level of English of the student and accordingly the modules are formulated .The student may start with the basic English course and then progress to actual IELTS coaching.

Visa Information

Since 2008 collection of Biometric data has been made mandatory in the UK visa process. This has increased the amount of time for procuring UK visa. Students going for a Masters Course in some particular science fields like aeronautical engineering etc has to undergo an ATAS clearance. (For more details visit: A new point based tier system is being introduced which makes it easier for genuine students to seek Entry Clearance to U.K. (For more details visit:

There is no guarantee of receiving a visa. Howver, we have an excellent track record where 99.9% of our students have successfully received their U.K. visa under our expert guidance.

Harjai Global Gurukul is a Certified by British Council of the British High Commission and has received training on the New Points Based System launched on 31st March 2009. This training has equipped the Visa Counsellors with the latest rules and regulations regarding Students Visa facilitating the entire process of obtaining Visas.

Harjai Global Gurukul can make all the necessary arrangements for visa filling by taking an appointment at the VFS on behalf of the student as we are Certified by British Council of the British High Commission. We at Harjai Global Gurukul will guide the student through the entire process smoothly.