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Omkar Shiriskar

Master of Management, Class of September 2017, Rennes School of Business, France

It's been an amazing experience with Harjai Global Gurukul, right from the application to the school to getting my Visa everything was taken care professionally without any hassle. They guided me to the right school which met my requirement and in which my profile was suitable. HGG also helped me to avail scholarship from the school as well as from the French govt. I am very thankful to HGG for all the Services provided.

Jay Sagar

Diploma Programme in Professional Cookery, Class of September 2017, NZMA, New Zealand

I had a wonderful journey with HGG. They helped me in each and every step and were always available for me. It would have been a very tough journey for me without them. I would like to thank the entire team of HGG for their support they gave me.

Smriti Verma

MSc Data Analytics, Class of September 2017, National College of Ireland, Ireland

When I came to HGG, I was really confused as to what domain I shall select. Based upon my academic qualifications, work experience and budget limitations, HGG helped with a list of options I can look forward to. Following many sessions of counseling, we decided to go ahead with Data Analytics. The application process was hassle-free. I just provided the suitable documents and HGG took care of everything.

Not only did they help me in getting admission in various top-rated Universities in Ireland but also landed up in getting handsome scholarships. They also helped in reviewing my SOPs and preparing for Skype interviews by taking mock sessions. After having many offers in hand, they helped me in the decision making process as to which institute suits me better.

For the visa process, they have been actually very patient with me. I had been working in Mumbai when I came in contact with them, whereas all my documentation was done in my hometown Lucknow. They reviewed all the documents, over and over again, to make sure that everything is in place for the visa application.

HGG also helped me by suggesting options for accommodation, what shall I do on my arrival, how to survive in a different country.

I will always be grateful to HGG for the guidance they have provided. It has been a wonderful experience working with them.

Rachna Sekhrajka

Master's Program in Marketing, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany

My experience at HGG has been nothing less than perfect. Applying abroad is a tedious and a lengthy process, and to manage it along side a full time job (which is the case for most master students) can get really strenuous. But I received a lot of support from them and had a way smoother journey than most of my counterparts. Right from the start, they completely understood my profile and academic/job needs to find me the most suitable programs to apply to. Essays form a integral part of our applications, and Arty mam's experience and eye for details helped me draft a compelling SOP. It wasn't only about the formal procedures, but they also spoke to my parents and helped them understand ways to finance my tuition, the visa formalities, reputation of the university, etc.

I applied to the top Business schools in Europe and Australia such as Stockholm school of Economics, W U Vienna, Melbourne Business School, Bath University and WHU Otto Beisheim and I managed to get a positive response from each one of these schools. I cannot thank them enough for playing such a significant role in my step towards a better career.

Shrutika Kambli

MSc Dental Sciences (Non- Thesis), Class September 2017, McGill University, Canada

My journey with Harjai Global Gurukul has been really amazing so far. Arty ma'am is extremely knowledgeable, she reviewed my profile and told me to apply for colleges that I felt I couldn't get into. She believed i had the potential to get into the best universities, and that is exactly what happened. Akshata Sangle ma'am was available at all times to solve any doubts and issues. They promptly replied and resolved all queries.

I would recommend HGG to anyone who aims to pursue higher education abroad. The people here are extremely professional, dependable and also very warm.

Ishaan Srivastava

Materials Science & Engineering, Class September 2017, University of California at Berkeley, USA

I found the guidance and assistance from HGG very useful. Mrs Harjai and her colleague Ms Akshata were proactive in offering their advice and guidance and ensured that these were targeted to my needs. They were actively engaged with me throughout the journey. This included:

  • Helping me shortlist the colleges and courses to apply for based on my interest and aptitude.
  • Suggesting projects and activities to undertake to bolster my CV.
  • Offering feedback on my resume and applications.
  • Advising me on how to present my credentials best after matching my profile to the requirements of the college.
  • Choosing the college and course that was best for me from among the acceptances I had received.
  • Offering suggestions for helping me prepare for the visa application and interview.
  • Offering suggestions for the pre- journey preparation.

Thank you, HGG for your support and for being there whenever I needed you!

Sudhanshu Potpose

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Class September 2017, Linkoping University, Sweden

After my Bachelor's. I really did not want to pursue a career and thought that higher education was the way to so for me. I visited a few consultancy and was always suggested clichéd options like US, UK , Canada , etc which I was not hoping for. Visiting HGG I got a real positive response as I found people who were willing to focus their energy on what I wanted - Master's n Sweden .They really did go out of their way to find out all the information I needed. Today I am admitted to Mechanical Engineering at Linkoping University, Sweden, the credit for which I also owe to them.

Thank you so much!! Cheers!

Fizaan Vakil

MBA, Class September 2017, University of Bath, UK

It was very difficult for me to concentrate on looking for colleges for my masters education. Since, I was working in UAE and we don't have much collateral information regarding masters counseling over there. But when I came to India & spoke to HGG the first day itself I had a sense of trust in them. Once I registered with them it was smooth sailing. Even though I was in UAE, I never felt the need to be physically present for guidance.

My case was handled perfectly with step to step guidance & counseling. Kudos to HGG for always being patient with me & for understanding my requirement, giving me the best University. Will always recommend anyone who is looking for studies abroad.

Dikshant Kanojia

Master of International Business, Class September 2017, HULT International Business School, USA

Deciding to studying abroad is an important decision and choosing the country and university can be quite a cumbersome task. This task was simplified for me by HGG. They were very dedicated and worked hard during the entire process.

They gave me detailed pros and cons about studying in different countries and universities, and Also, laid out the game plan for the same. Weekly analysis were conducted on my progress towards the preparation exams required for entrance. They gave me very beneficial advise on good SOPs and was constantly analyzing my SOPs and CV on weekly basis and demonstrating to me ways to improve it. They also arranged a meeting with the enrolment directors of the university which gave me the chance to know more about the university.

HGG also prepared me thoroughly for the visa interviews which was beneficial for me. I am glad I stumbled up HGG and I am very thankful to them for providing me excellent guidance.

Bhagirath Singh

MBA International Business Management, Class February 2017, Amity University, Singapore

I was keen on pursuing my further education in management and from day one my experience with HGG has been perfect.

The whole process of selecting the university documentation visa etc was very cordial & Helpful.

I sincerely thank Arty Ma'm & Akshata for making it all happen.

The Experience was so good that I would highly recommend HGG as one of the best overseas student advisor.

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